An ambitious program

60 bogs from the Jura Franche-Comté rehabilitated

The Jura peatlands Life program aims to rehabilitate the overall functioning of many bogs from the Jura Franche-Comté. Over a period of six years, he mobilizes significant resources to drive one of the most ambitious peatland restoration projects in Europe. Significant work will be conducted in this regard, including the neutralization of drainage ditches (16 km), the rehabilitation of rivers (12 km), the regeneration of extraction zone (7 ha) or slaughter of softwood plantations (51 ha).

In total, this program covers 60 bogs spread in 16 Natura 2000 sites in Doubs and Jura. The work will impact positively over 600 ha of habitat and thus will improve the functioning of 35% of the territory peat surfaces.

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Tourbières, trésors cachés de la montagne jurassienne

Tourbières, trésors cachés de la montagne jurassienne

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Start of the "Combe du Nanchez" decking rehabilitation work

25 avril 2017

Under the supervision of Pnr du Haut-Jura, the decking renovation project on Prénovel-de-Bise peatland is due to start this Wednesday, April 26th. After the dismantling phase of the old track, the different sections will gradually be assembled by the ONF (provider) in the coming weeks, depending on the weather conditions.

The film "Peatlands, hidden treasures of the Jura montain" presented at the Espace des mondes polaires of Prémanon

24 avril 2017

To support the launch of the exhibition "Journey to the Land of the Peatlands" at the Espace des mondes polaires, the Life film will be screened on Friday, June 2 at 7 pm. An exchange-debate will follow this projection in the presence of Pierre Durlet of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park. The exhibition "Journey to the Land of the Peatlands" will be at Prémanon from the 1st of June until the 5th of november.

The Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park rewarded for the remeandering work of the Nanchez!

27 mars 2017

This Friday, March 24 was held the evening in favor of "Fishing and Aquatic Environments" organized by the Progrès-Event, EDF and the Departmental Federations for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment of Ain and Jura. These two departmental federations wished to reward the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park, with the "Planning Trophy of the Year" for the Nanchez remeandering project. Learn more Check out the presentation clip shown at the evening. Photo credit © Philippe Trias/Le Progrès