An ambitious program

60 bogs from the Jura Franche-Comté rehabilitated

The Jura peatlands Life program aims to rehabilitate the overall functioning of many bogs from the Jura Franche-Comté. Over a period of six years, he mobilizes significant resources to drive one of the most ambitious peatland restoration projects in Europe. Significant work will be conducted in this regard, including the neutralization of drainage ditches (16 km), the rehabilitation of rivers (12 km), the regeneration of extraction zone (7 ha) or slaughter of softwood plantations (51 ha).

In total, this program covers 60 bogs spread in 16 Natura 2000 sites in Doubs and Jura. The work will impact positively over 600 ha of habitat and thus will improve the functioning of 35% of the territory peat surfaces.

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Tourbières, trésors cachés de la montagne jurassienne

Tourbières, trésors cachés de la montagne jurassienne

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Visite de chantier aux Rousses

23 mai 2018

Randonnée découverte à Saint-Julien-lès-Russey

19 mai 2018

Hydrological restoration of Les Rousses peatlands (39)

18 mai 2018

Carry out by the Pnr of Haut-Jura, one of the biggest projects of the Life program has been running since the beginning of April on Les Rousses peatlands. The creation of the new meandering bed in the Février stream has just begun. A public visit of the work is scheduled for May 23 at 18h.