Reopening work and deferred grazing

Life program objectives

57,5 ha of peatlands will be impacted by reopening work on 10 Natura 2000 sites.

950 m of fences will be put to protect around 2,1 ha.

Work completed during the program

Reopening of 3 sectors Drésine and Bonavette

Valleys (25)

Objective : Reopening of acidic peatlands and fens in order to maintain the peaty habitats and biological connections required for insect fauna, including butterflies as Lycaena helle, Colias palaeno, Euphydryas aurinia and Coenonympha tullia. Viewing platform planned on one of the sectors.

Work : Strapping of large timber. Elimination of wood of small diameter, including spruce and birch in the raised-bog and fens with crushing and stem reversal. Work done manually with a chainsaw. Remained burned outside the peatland.

Compagny : Jura Natura Services

Project ownership : Amis de la Réserve Naturelle du Lac de Remoray

Budget : EUR 15 300 + personnel cost for work preparation and monitoring.


These actions are complementary to functional rehabilitation.


Reopening work

In the case of heavily forested peatlands orovergrown forests due to hydrological disturbance, this action is a prerequisite to be able to perform rehabilitation work.

This work may also constitute a full-fledged recovery. The reopening work allows to highlight the habitats and to limit their drying (rising of the water table linked to the reduction in evapotranspiration and less interception of atmospheric inputs). They contribute to restore the water balance of peatlands. They also help the associated animal and plant communities to return. Finally, this work can help to recreate corridors promoting the circulation of species.  



Following work and/or in the presence of sensitive habitats to trampling, penetration of cattle (bovine, equine) in some areas can indeed be problematic. It's then necessary to prevent access. In this action, the aim is to protect restored peatlands or streams.